Best Kitchen Sinks

Kitchen sinks are a must in your kitchen. Not only are they used for functionality but a good sink will enhance your kitchen’s design. Never thought that your kitchen sink would be a centerpiece, did you? Well, it is. Kitchens are not just a place to cook or do dishes. They are a place where family and friends gather around and talk.

The open space concept has eliminated the barriers between the kitchen and the living room. The cook is now allowed to be apart of the conversation and not feel so separated. Having a beautiful kitchen displayed to your guests is a great way to impress them. Not to mention, it will make your home feel homier and inviting.

In this blog, we will be sharing the latest kitchen sink trends. Creating and or finding a kitchen sink is not the easiest thing to do. So, we want to help you in your searches with a kitchen sink buyers guide.

Composite Sink


Composite sinks are typically made of quartz or granite that are mixed with a durable acrylic or polyester-resin base. These sinks are built to withstand stains and scratches. Composite sinks usually come in the color of speckle.

Pro: Composite sinks can be custom made, as well as being able to be carved and beveled. Another plus is that composite sinks come in a variety of different colors. It is also worthy to note that these sinks do not fade! Composite sinks are very easy to care for and are priced at the lower end. A composite sink is a great choice when wanting that stone look but don’t want to pay the price!

Con: If there is ever any damage to the sink, you must replace the whole countertop. This is because of the composite sink being custom made to the countertop. This is where a composite sink could cost you.

Cast-Iron Sink


What is a better way to complete your farmhouse kitchen then a cast-iron sink? Cast-iron is a timeless, sturdy material. It is made by heating up enamel onto an iron bowl.  This process gives the sink that signature smooth glossy finish.

Pro: Cast-iron sinks will not crack or dent. They are extremely durable and can withstand just about anything. Cast-iron can also come in a variety of different colors. Whatever color you choose, it will still have that “sparkly” look about it.

Con: Cast-iron anything, is extremely heavy. Upon installation, you should have an experienced installer. You also want to make sure the sink will have a sturdy base. So, it would not be wise to cheap out on the counter. Like most materials, cast-iron can scratch and the enamel can wear and change color.

Stone Sink


A stone sink is probably my favorite. You cannot beat the elegance of it. Stone has been a very popular option in the kitchen for years. It is commonly used for countertops and flooring. But now the use of stone is becoming very popular within sinks.  Stone sinks are extremely durable and usually have an under-mount style. Because every stone is different, no sinks are alike. If you

Pro: Just the way it looks says it all. Stone sinks are elegant and timeless. Besides the beauty, stone sinks are durable and last a long time.

Con: Here comes the blow. Stone sinks are expensive. Not to mention the lighter colors stain fairly easy.

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