NYC Galley Kitchen Ideas

When you have a galley kitchen in your NYC home, you have to be able to decorate it so that you can use all the available space in addition to have some fashion in the small area.

There are decorating techniques that can make a galley kitchen appear larger as well as help to make it even more functional for you. Below are some excellent tips for decorating a kitchen to make it work best for you.

Maximize Vertical Space in a Galley Kitchen NYC

Among the top ways to decorate a galley kitchen and have it be functional would be to utilize all the available space and this means any vertical space that you might have. Should you not have kitchen cabinets that go all the way to the ceiling, then you may be wasting lots of space in the kitchen.

You can still utilize all the space in case you don’t have cupboards up to the ceiling by using the cupboards as a shelf and placing items on top of them. Place baskets or bins on the top to keep kitchen items you may well not use very often. Should you not want all the space on top of the cupboards, add a plant or display some exquisite dishes to add some style to the room.

Add Lots of Light to a Galley Kitchen

Most galley kitchens are usually dark simply because they are a dead end into a wall. This may make the room appear darker which is the reason why it’s important that you’ve tons of light in the kitchen.

If you have a window, make certain that the window treatments allow light to filter into the room. Overhead light is a great thought for youe kitchen. You can even try track lighting, in order you could train the light were you need it in the kitchen.

Make Kitchen Equipment Function Double Responsibility

Instead of bringing in décor items to hang on the wall use your kitchen supplies instead. This will save you space since you previously need the kitchen supplies why not put them on display?

In case you have fine dishes you’ll be able to place them on a ledge to exhibit in the kitchen. Decorative or monogrammed kitchen towels can be hung on the stove or even a peg on the wall to act a towel along with a décor item. Get creative in how you’ll display the kitchen equipment. This’ll save you space and cash.

Pick Lighter Shades for the Kitchen’s Décor

Most galley kitchens are on the small side, which means you have to avoid dark colors when painting the walls and picking the primary color scheme. Dark colors painted on the walls make a room look considerably smaller while lighter shades can make a room appear larger.

Choose a neutral color like cream or white for the walls of your kitchen. Also stay away from dark cabinets and countertops. If you have a galley kitchen, a black granite countertop might not look the very best. You may also want to avoid black appliances and instead go with white or even stainless steel.

For those who are in possession of a little galley kitchen it can present a challenge when trying to decorate it, but keep these hints in thoughts in addition to your own personal style as well as your kitchen can appear a good deal finer and be much more practical too.