Time Required for a Kitchen Remodel

An average kitchen remodel will take between 6 and 10 weeks depending on the scope and complexity of our project. The following outline shows the major steps that are a part of most kitchen remodeling projects.

Kitchen Remodeling Schedule:

⁃ Permit acquired
⁃ Construction schedule is established
⁃ Water and gas are disconnected
⁃ Electrical services for kitchen is disconnected if possible
⁃ Dust isolation and protection for surrounding areas
⁃ Path to dumpster established and protected
⁃ Negative air pressure is created to keep dust out of living area.
⁃ Cabinet layout is established to guide plumber and electrician.
⁃ Cabinets are ordered

Kitchen Demolition:
⁃ Existing cabinets and counters are removed
⁃ Plaster stripped from walls and ceilings
⁃ Walls and ceilings are de-nailed
⁃ Finish Floor is removed
⁃ All remaining debris is swept and vacuumed to limit spread of dust during construction.

⁃ Walls are framed for new doors and cabinetry
⁃ Beams installed for enlarged openings
⁃ Wall framing is inspected for level and evenness
⁃ Evaluate floor framing and adjust if required

⁃ Electrical walk through with client to confirm location of lighting,switches,outlets etc.
⁃ Plumbing for drains and water supplies are installed
⁃ Inspections for wiring, plumbing and framing.
⁃ Insulation is installed and inspected.

Finish Installation:
⁃ Wallboard installed and plaster
⁃ Interior trim
⁃ Waterproof flooring
⁃ Finish Flooring
⁃ Install Cabinets
⁃ Install appliances
⁃ Template is made for kitchen counters
⁃ Painting and other specialities finishes
⁃ Counters are installed
⁃ Connect/Finish plumbing and electrical
⁃ Install backsplash tiles
⁃ Final Cleanup and walk-through

Understanding the major stages for your kitchen remodel will help you communicate with our construction team and understand when your new kitchen will be ready.