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Here at Golden I Construction, we custom-make kitchen cabinets at your request. If you would like to get a demo of our work, come take a look at our kitchen showrooms in NYC. We pay attention to important things in a kitchen cabinet such as color, material, and overall style in relation to the rest of the setting. A good job requires innovation and vision, as well as proper attention to detail. When we remodel a kitchen, we take all these factors and much more into consideration and do our best to make each new project pop. Since the kitchen is what says so much about the homeowner and residents, making a kitchen look special and unique is our goal.

Handcrafted custom cabinets are a recognizable standard of excellence which lend refinement and beauty to a home. Built in a kitchen, library, bathroom, or closet, or as a freestanding entertainment system or armoire, custom cabinets are a sophisticated signature statement.

Cabinetry is a major element in your dream home, so let your imagination soar. Collect pictures of cabinets, noticing the particular features you like. Cabinet makers appreciate visual examples because it’s easier to interpret your desires from pictures than words. Pictures crystallize your desires. When you first meet with a cabinet maker, take your blueprints, and if possible, your builder, architect or designer. Be prepared to answer questions like: What is the exterior style of your home and do you want to continue that style inside? How will you use the cabinets? Cutlery trays, pullout bins? Shelves or books, CD’s, computer software, collections? What styles and embellishments do you like? Shaker, Prairie, Country English, Contemporary? Fancy moldings, wainscoting, inlaid banding? Use your idea notebook to communicate your preferences. Do you prefer particular woods? Cherry, oak, sycamore, or the more exotic ebony, or Bubinga. Species must be selected on the basis of the finish you want. Will cabinetry be visible from other rooms in the house? Must it match previously installed or selected flooring or countertops? (Take samples).

Our best cabinet work can be seen in our cabinet showrooms, where we display our best luxury kitchen cabinet designs and models. All of the designs and patterns are made to fit your preferences so that it fits your style. We believe that you will see and feel the difference of our work from others when you visit our kitchen showroom. Come on down if you are interested in ordering custom cabinets to our cabinet showroom in Manhattan.

Golden I Construction currently has kitchen showrooms in NYC for different tastes and styles. We are currently located in 147 West 35th Street Suite 1204 New York, NY 10001. Come and check out our high-end showrooms for your next kitchen project! Call us at 212-837-8117 or email us at


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