Top 3 Office Trends 2022

When it comes to office trends, they have been evolving for some time. As of 2022, there are new trends that are fantastic for office spaces. If you need some inspiration to renovate your New York Office space, here are some office trends of 2022 to gain inspiration from:

Walls with Designs

Before 2022, bland office walls were a thing. They were boring and dull and truly did not inspire anything. Now modern offices have walls that have different colors or images, that are about the companies features or values.

Living walls can also be installed. They are great for offices that perhaps don’t have a nature area outside.

Natural Lighting

The use of natural lighting can be a smart decision. It can reduce the use of energy, and allow for indoor plant growth. 

Although, some offices do not have access to windows or light from the outside. In these cases, choosing a diffused, natural artificial light can be great for the indoors.

Lounge Spaces

When we think of lounge designs, we may imagine simple areas that include maybe a microwave or fridge. But more and more modern offices are including more interesting things to add to their lounge areas.

Ping-pong, air hockey, or foosball tables are fun add-ons for your workers. You can give them a break from a stressful workday, give your employees time to socialize and provide them with eye rest from staring at a screen the whole day.

Other modern lounge area additions are quiet spaces or even nap rooms. This will give your employees much-needed rest, especially those who work extra hard on assignments.


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