Kitchen Showroom NYC Custom Cabinets

Here at Golden I Construction, we custom-make your kitchen cabinets at request. If you would like to get a demo of our work, come take a look at our showrooms in NYC. We pay attention to important things in a kitchen cabinet such as color, material, and overall style in relation to the rest of the setting. A good job requires innovation and vision, as well as proper attention to detail. When we remodel a kitchen, we take all these factors and much more into consideration and do our best to make each new project pop. Since the kitchen is what says so much about the homeowner and residents, making a kitchen look special and so unique is our goal.

Our best cabinet work can be seen in our showrooms, where we display our best luxury kitchen cabinet designs and models. See it, feel it, touch it, come on down if you are interested in ordering custom cabinets to our cabinet showroom in Manhattan.


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Suite 1204
New York, NY 10001


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We provide custom cabinets in New York, NY for people looking to renovate or remodel their kitchens. Our areas of service including (but not limited to)

Custom Cabinets Serving All of NYC Neighborhoods