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Pipes are invisible but essential elements in a property. Along with the clean water system, drains are a fundamental part of maintaining a healthy home and being able to provide well-being for you and your loved ones. That's why it's essential to keep the sewer system in top condition.

However, due to the passage of time, lack of maintenance, or misuse of the facility, your home's sewage system may fail at any given time. In those cases, an extraordinary sewer repair service can become your great ally. It is essential to know how to prevent these failures and the benefits of having professional specialists in repairing them.

Why are Drainage Damaged?

There are two types of damage to plumbing in a home or business:

Structural: this type of damage has to do with the integrity of the pipe network as such. In that sense, the most common causes of malfunction are:

  1. Use of poor quality pipes and materials
  2. Too old pipes
  3. Poorly made connections and installations
  4. Excessive sewage pressure

Misuse of the network: this type of failure is caused by the misuse of your drainage network. Keep in mind that misuse of the system causes almost 40% of pipe failures. To preserve the integrity of the system, you must apply certain preventive measures:

  1. Do not pour grease or large debris into drains.
  2. Do not throw the non-biodegradable paper into the system.
  3. Prevents the removal of paints, solvents, and chemicals through the drainage
  4. Perform periodic maintenance: half a cup of yeast mixed with half a cup of vinegar and a liter of boiling water periodically will help keep the system clean.

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What Gives You an Extraordinary Sewer Repair Service?

First, an extraordinary pipe repair company will thoroughly inspect the system to determine the type of failure, the source, and the exact location of the malfunction. This crucial step will provide you with a definitive solution to the problem.

The specialist plumber will then proceed to establish an action plan for system restoration. The best sewer repair companies such as Oaks Drain Service have a variety of technologies and state of the art equipment that will allow a diagnosis, repair and rehabilitation of drains in a safe, minimally invasive way, with minimal structural damage and in record time. Finally, the expert plumbers will proceed to restore the structural surface that has been removed to achieve the repair of the drainage, leaving your property at 100% of its performance.

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