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Stamped concrete, also referred to as textured or imprinted concrete, is a revolutionary option that enables you to mimic patterns similar to costly materials like tiles, natural stone, and granite. Stamping pads put impressions in the concrete for an incredibly aesthetic look without compromising the sturdy, long-lasting qualities of concrete. The final product can look like bricks, pavers, and even wood.

Outside, stamped concrete in Calgary can be used for entryways, patios, and walkways. Even if you don't want your entire patio or driveway in stamped concrete, you can add borders to break up the surface. At Patriarch Construction, our skilled and extensively experienced team can help you create a mix to meet your architectural needs and budgetary limits.

FAQs About Our Stamped Concrete Options

Below we have compiled some of your commonly asked questions:

Why Should I consider Stamped Concrete Over Other Options?

The main reason most homeowners prefer stamped concrete is because it's far less costly than many options, including pavers, wood, and granite, yet still aesthetically pleasing. Another advantage of stamped concrete is that it doesn't have cracks in between that may provide weeds with spaces to grow.

How Can I Personalize My Stamped Concrete?

With the wide variety of patio designs in Calgary, AB, we understand that it can be confusing finding the perfect style. It's important to select a look that harmonizes with the entire setting and will still appeal to you years from today. For unique and impressive design ideas that can help you narrow down your choices, check out our gallery to see the vast array of color and pattern combos.

You can also choose color tones that complement your surrounding landscape and patterns that match your home's architectural style. Additionally, you can consult with our Calgary concrete patio builders. We can see the bigger picture and guide you in picking the stamped concrete of your dreams. Whatever you desire, our Calgary concrete contractors can help you. Our talented and skilled team can create a wide range of patterns, colors, and finishes guaranteed to amaze you.

Will Stamped Concrete Scratch or Stain?

Calgary stamped concrete can scratch. As such, it's best to use plastic shovels and brooms instead of steel bars to remove snow and ice. In regards to staining, we apply a sealer when installing your stamped concrete to protect the surface from staining and enhance the color.

Do We Have to Seal Stamped Concrete?

The visual effect of our colored stamped concrete is created with the help of stains, dyes, and sealers. Therefore, to maintain its vibrant appearance, we recommend applying a sealer every one to four years. But this will also depend on whether the area is exposed to harsh weather or a high traffic area.

Does Stamped Concrete Crack?

Just like any other concrete slab, stamped concrete patios and decks in Calgary can crack. That said, our advanced installation techniques help to minimize the risk of cracks. In addition, we go above and beyond the standard practices when it comes to crack control.

Creatively Stamped Concrete Options for Your Calgary Home

Concrete provides the perfect, cost-effective canvas for creating a replica of expensive materials. Moreover, custom stamped concrete in Calgary allow your property to reflect your unique sense of style. At Patriarch Construction, our Calgary concrete contractors utilize the right amount and highest quality of concrete to get the job done efficiently, fast, and with little mess. Contact Patriarch Construction for a free quotation on +1 (403) 862-0449.

Stamped Concrete Calgary

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