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Are you looking for the best home painters in Round Rock, TX? AHS Construction is a reliable and locally owned business with over two decades of experience in residential and commercial painting jobs. We can give your home a stunning makeover at economical prices.

Common mistakes in a DIY painting job

Homeowners who try to paint their homes often end up making serious mistakes, costing them more than hiring an experienced contractor. Here are some common painting mistakes to avoid:

  • Homeowners often skip using paint primer to cut down costs, resulting in a lousy-looking, dull, and bumpy-textured wall/room.
  • Homeowners try to compromise on the rollers and brushes they use to prevent overspending on painting tools. Failing to use the right tools can leave your walls with an uneven finish, missed areas, exposed edges, and corners.

  • Giving the walls a good clean before applying primer is a common step that most people try to skip to save time and effort. Applying a fresh coat of paint on an unclean wall can lead to flaking and blistering down the line.

DIY painting projects also encompass a fair amount of risk, especially if you are inexperienced. To avoid that, look to hire the best home painters in Round Rock, TX, for unequaled residential painting services and exceptional customer service.

Is it important to sand walls before painting?

While not all home painting projects require sanding, if your walls have rough spots or contain glossy paint, you must sand them down before painting. You can easily use sandpaper to smooth out the uneven areas in your walls and wipe away the debris with a damp cloth.

Make sure to wait for it to dry before painting the wall. Remember that painting over cracked, blistered, or flaking paint is never a good idea. You should remove it with a scraper or sandpaper first before you can repaint the surface.

Ways to cut down house-painting costs

The cost of labor will be one of your biggest expenses when it comes to painting your home. Here are some tips to maximize savings on a house-painting job:

  1. Get multiple estimates - Request quotes from at least three licensed and insured painting contractors before hiring one. Be sure to choose the painting contractor offering the highest value for the lowest cost.

  2. Do some of the work yourself - You can reduce some of the costs by doing specific preparatory works such as strimming shrubs, moving furniture, clearing a perimeter for the painter to work, etc. Taking care of some of the preparatory tasks can reduce the hours spent by painters on your project, bringing down the labor cost.

  3. Repaint your exteriors before its too late - Don't wait until you start to see signs of damage, wear, and tear to repaint your house. If your walls show signs of peeling or flaking, your painter will spend extra hours preparing the surface for the new paint, which can increase your labor costs.

Request a quote from AHS Construction for painting your home. Call (512) 246-8670 to hire the #1 home painters in Round Rock, TX. 

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