Grey Water Septic System

Graywater (also called greywater) is "little-used" liquid from showers, sinks, laundries and light commercial processes. It can often be an excellent source of water, saving thousands or even millions of gallons of water per year. Given the contaminants inherent in graywater, it is important that any graywater system be well designed. Wahaso's graywater recycling systems for commercial properties have been certified to meet IAPMO 324 and NSF/ANSI 350 standards. Wahaso's graywater collection system has been tested and proven to provide a safe, treated water supply that can be used for a variety of non-potable applications.

Graywater recycling system design

The patented treatment train of the Wahaso graywater system offers an amazing level of treatment. Raw graywater is pre-filtered before being sent to a collection tank or sump. The pre-filtration of Wahaso graywater systems for commercial buildings helps keep the collection tank/sink clean, and Cupridyne® is added to the tank/sink to reduce odor. The treated and certified graywater filtration system includes filtration down to 0.02 microns, which removes suspended solids as well as bacteria and viruses. The filtered water is disinfected with ultraviolet (UV) and, if necessary, chlorine, and either sent to end use or stored in a processed water tank to await re-pressurization. The water treated by the graywater septic system is safe and suitable for non-potable applications such as toilet flushing, irrigation and cooling tower recharge.

Advantages of the system

One of the main advantages of using our graywater treatment equipment is the fully automatic processing. Raw graywater is treated as it is generated to minimize the growth of harmful pathogens.

Low maintenance 

The system is designed to operate reliably over long intervals with minimal maintenance. If you don't subject the system to abuse, you're guaranteed to have equipment that will last the test of time.

Reduced utility bill costs

A graywater processing system is ideal for any type of business or establishment, saving you hundreds and hundreds of dollars in water bills. Plus, you'll be helping a good cause by not wasting reusable liquids.


The Wahaso graywater system can be scaled to treat from 2,000 to 200,000 gallons per day or more. It all depends on your requirements and consumption. You'll be responsible for checking meters and operating valves and making sure everything is working properly.

Robust Controls

Wahaso's patented control system is custom programmed to monitor and control all system activity.

Integrated system design

Wahaso graywater processing skids are pre-assembled and integrated into complete system designs that include all pumps, storage, filtration, sanitation and controls.

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The Water Harvesting Solutions (Wahaso) team brings experience, expertise and a passion for water conservation to every customer project. We incorporate a holistic approach to system design and construction, working to integrate multiple renewable water sources along with multiple uses of treated water to maximize overall water savings. 

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Grey Water Septic System