Windows and siding replacement near Seattle

Siding is an essential part of the house. It provides defense against snow and rain, high winds, and even protection against heat gain and loss.  However, cracking and breaking siding as it ages is a problem you need to address before it affects other parts of your house. By regularly inspecting your siding, you can get a better picture of the condition of your siding. Follow along with KV Construction Siding Contractors while we go over the signs of an impending siding replacement project.

Signs Its Time For Siding Replacement

Not sure if your siding needs replacement? Here are signs that your home siding is due for an upgrade.

  1. Bubbling And Blistering

The presence of bubbles under the surface of the siding is one sign that your home needs new siding. Bubbles are an indication that water is trapped in the siding. The primary purpose of siding is to keep water away from the walls and to prevent internal mold and rotting problems. Any sign of water trapped on or under the siding is a red flag, and it's an indicator that your siding needs a replacement. 

  1. Dents, Chips, And Cracks

Strong winds can blow hail, which can lead to dents, chips, and cracks. Inspect your house regularly and keep a close eye on your siding. If some siding pieces are loosing, cracking, or breaking, this indicates severe problems that require professional services.

  1. High Energy Bills

If there is a significant increase in your cooling and heating bills, this can be a sign that your siding has approached the end of its functional life. First, check to make sure that the power company hasn't raised the price of electricity. If that is not the case, then poor quality insulation or damaged siding is causing your heat or air conditioning to work more. Replacing your siding can lower your energy usage and reduce your bills. 

  1. Warping And Rippling

Siding warp and ripple over time. It provides an entry point for water. Walk around your house and check if you will see siding that has warped. Use a screwdriver to poke under the warped siding to know how solid the under layer is. If the layer has begun to rot or become soft, that is an indication that the home's siding is due for replacement.

  1. Faded Siding

Faded color may mean that a siding is no longer suitable, but it is an indication to watch for. Most siding is designed to hold its color for as long as the rating of the siding itself. If your siding is so old that the color has faded, that's a sign that your home siding may have run its course.

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If you notice any of the signs above, it's time to take action. Don't let your siding deteriorate any further. The team at KV Construction Siding Contractors has extensive experience with all manner of siding installation. Contact us at 425-879-4398 to discuss the plans for your siding project.



Windows and siding replacement near Seattle
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Windows and siding replacement near Seattle
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Windows and siding replacement near Seattle Windows and siding replacement near Seattle