Lab freezer

Lab freezer

Low-temperature freezers are an essential part of the pharmaceutical industry, as is seen in long-term preservations in clinical labs. These freezers have a life span of between twelve to fifteen years. You must find a lab freezer, which will not break down in between the expected lifespan. Freezer technology has undergone massive technological upgrading in the last few years, as is evident in the products by Freezer Concepts.

Questions to ask before buying a lab fridge

  • How is the manufacturing process of the product?
  • What is the freezer’s warranty?
  • Does the freezer have a green-conservation scheme quality?
  • What is the price of the freezer?
  • What is the sample capacity of the space?
  • Does the freezer have an optimal voltage capacity?
  • What is the type of refrigerant in use?
  • What are the warm-up and pull downtime?
  • Does the freezer adhere to the set distribution of heat and cold across the surface?
  • What is the possibility of minimizing the formation of frost?
  • What is the energy consumption performance?

Types of  freezers to consider before making a purchase

General freezers

These fridges have a temperature range of between -30° and -20°. These freezers are available in two modes:

  • Upright model- It is tall and occupies a smaller surface area on the ground. They are easier to use; hence, one will them fit for storage of regularly retrieved items. The multiple shelves make it easier to store several things in an organized manner.
  • Under counter model – It is shorter and would fit in lab cabinets. They are smaller and will be useful in storing items that need cooler temperatures.

Low-temperature freezers

These fridges have a range between -45° and -30° C. They are available in two versions.

  • Low-temperature upright lab freezers
  • Low-temperature upright lab freezers which re great for storing large containers which will occupy too much space in the vertical model. 

Ultra-low temperature freezers

The temperature range is between -86° and -45°C.

  • The upright model has a door that opens by swinging to the right or left. It offers the same benefits as other vertical models of fridges. Be careful that the dense cold air is not intensely dissatisfying when you open the door. The temperature also escapes faster that when you open the chest counterpart.
  • The chest model has longer-lasting storage. It is, however, difficult to access the details in comparison to the upright freezer model. 

Flammable material freezer

These freezers have a design that is meant to add extra protection against possible fires. People, materials, and environments are at risk of being in the middle of an explosion that would be caused by chemicals of the items. They have superior engineering that adds new innovation to the lining material. The compressors are CFC free and have a high spark-proof quality.


The servicing of a freezer will strongly determine the amount of money and effort you will spend keeping the performance up to par. Find out about all other maintenance procedures outside of cleaning the condensers and filters. Freezer Concepts has adequate information on the process of maintaining all sorts of freezers.  



Lab freezer
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