Backyard Misters

Backyard misters provide relief in the summer months. Stay at home and stay cool with Cool-Off, providing safe and effective cooling for your backyard patio, pool area, or outdoor meeting space.

Do backyard misters work?

Backyard misters combine the power of water with natural breezes and fans. Misting systems, known by many terms including fogging systems and spray cooling, are more effective than a simple fan.

These systems trap heat while natural or artificial air whisk it away. The water droplets interact with your skin and other surfaces, soaking up the heat, and evaporating back into the environment. This allows misters to work better than fans and air conditioners in most outdoor environments.

Key benefits of misters

With the ability to trap heat and a variety of compounds, misters carry many additional benefits. This includes the ability to remove odors.

The South and Southwest are known for heat and in, some areas, mold, and mildew. Misters help get rid of the smell associated with your outdoor area.

How much pressure does a mister require?

These systems rely on pressured water to eliminate heat. The higher the water pressure, the better the cooling powers.

High-pressure systems produce over 250 psi. Quality fogging and misting systems from Cool-Off work in 40 to 80-foot spaces. With ease.

When should I use a misting system?

High-pressure misters work well in many environments with varying degrees of humidity. In New Orleans, you can expect a temperature drop by as much as 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

In drier climates, the technology works even better. Those in Orlando, with 40 to 80 percent humidity, can expect 20 degrees of cooling. Residents of Las Vegas see improvements by as much as 30 degrees.

What makes a great mist system?

This technology may seem like a garden sprinkler but is much different. The pressure you need combined with quality parts and an accurate stream provide the system you need.

We offer medium and high-pressure devices for small and large yards. We make our parts from resilient nylon or stainless steel.

Are misting systems clean?

Misting systems come with filtration systems. This keeps your water from carrying bacteria and pollution.

No one wants to be sprayed with dirty water. We work hard to provide clean and effective cooling power.

Is it hard to install a misting system?

Misting systems are not difficult to install. Our do-it-yourself misting kits come with everything you need to cool your patio this summer.

Tube cutters, an oil syringe, clamps, and lock fittings are all you need to prepare for summer cookouts or pool parties. Be prepared when everyone can get together again.

Backyard misters in the Southwest

The South and Southwest are among the best places to use misters. Cool temperatures by up to thirty degrees with Cool-Off.

Our misters, made from quality material, are easy to install and affordable, lasting for a long period of time. Misters are better than other options such as air conditioners in the outdoors and cost under $3000.

Cool-off covers up to 80 feet with every kit. Visit our website today for more information.


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