Apartment Renovation Contractor Nyc

Apartment Renovation Contractor Nyc
A professional apartment combination in NYC is a terrific way to increase square footage in your living arrangement. It's common to combine attaching apartments that are next to each other, and often enough, above or below the original apartment. When considering an apartment combination, it's essential that you hire a company with the experience and knowledge to undertake such a project. Golden I Construction are experts in apartment combination projects throughout NYC.
Golden I Construction is committed to developing and fully engaging the highest quality people who approach every assignment and project with a creative and enthusiastic attitude toward service excellence and solving challenge. Services they provide under a single company management include:
- Accurate and Firm Estimates
- Brownstone & Townhouse Gut Renovations
- Floor and apartment combination throughout NYC
- Kitchen, Bath & Apartment Remodeling
- Fine Cabinetry, Built-Ins & Custom Furniture
- Entertainment & Audio-Video Rooms
- Landmark Co-Op / Condo Renovations
- Complete Plumbing, Electric & HVAC
- In-House Design Services
- All Work Under Single Management
If you're thinking about combining an apartment in NYC, Golden I Construction is the company you'll want for the job. As a contractor that thinks outside the box, along with their design firm, Golden I will provide proper planning and permit pulling for someone who wishes to combine two apartments into one in NYC. Whether it's a condo, coop, townhouse or any other residential type, they can help join apartments in a way in which no one will ever notice it was 2 apartments before coming together as one unit. Your apartment combination in NYC will be professionally undertaken in every way.
As a true design and build firm the specialists from Golden I will guide you through budget planning, high-end design, materials selections, scheduling, finishing details and any necessary filings for your renovation. If you're considering an apartment combination in NYC, Golden I will manage all permits and legal aspects of combining the apartments so you won't have to worry about any of the details.
During the construction process, Golden I Construction will provide up-to-date information with respect to changes that have occurred and the plan of action that has been drawn up for the project. Everything will be in an itemized report for you, including any change orders that you approved. Professionalism is what sets Golden I apart from other contractors- and their clients have come to appreciate this about Golden I.
As a contractor, Golden I Construction is very familiar with the unique challenges of providing luxury renovations throughout Manhattan, and beyond. They start with complete planning and designing to your specifications. Golden I is among the best residential design and build firms in Metro, NYC.
If you'd like to speak with an apartment specialist from Golden I Construction about your apartment combination in NYC, please call 917-325-9650. You can also visit online at goldeniconstruction.com, where you can see photos of projects Golden I has completed for clients. You're going to love the extra space that your apartment combination provides to your NYC residence, and you'll appreciate working with the most professional contractors in the area.
Apartment Renovation Contractor Nyc
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Apartment Renovation Contractor Nyc
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Apartment Renovation Contractor Nyc Apartment Renovation Contractor Nyc