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Driveway Power washing Lima OH

Most people prefer a rough driveway surface. The roughness maintains friction and prevents skidding on during weather seasons such as winter. Unfortunately, uneven surfaces are more apt to collect algae, dust, moss, fungus, and moss. These conditions are potentially dangerous because they decrease friction and cause people to slip. Pressure washing removes deep deposition and helps the driveway maintain its consistency.

The driveway is highly likely to collect dirt and dust because it has plenty of exposure to the outdoor. Driveway power washing in Lima OH will be different for epoxy and concrete surfaces. Here is what you can expect from a standard power washing procedure on concrete driveways in the area:

Preparation of the surface

The first step is to remove all items and vehicles away from the space. The entire area should be bright and well swept before you begin using water to clean out the surface. Additionally, cover all windows and doors with plastic sheets or tarps to add protection against debris that flies off in the process.

You should then give your surface a proper brushing with soapy water and a firm brush. The brush will take out any loose dirt, dust, and debris so that the power washer can reach the deepest holes and crevices.

Degrease the surface

Apply the degreaser to loosen accumulated stain that could minimize the effect of a good power wash. Some power washers have an attachment with a degreaser, while others require you to apply it manually. Brush the surface with a degreaser to take away stubborn stains.

Apply the power washer

Our technicians know every detail of working the power washer’s manual of instructions. This case means you should connect all parts and eventually to a water source. The appliance will have several nozzles to help remove dirt from different sizes of holes and cracks. Some machines have nozzles to apply the detergent and a different one for the rinsing process.

The first step of using a power washer is applying a detergent. Fitzgerald stocks enough safety gear for all its clients. You may want to stay at a safe distance away from the driveway because you will not have clothes for protection against splashes.

The technician will hold the washer several inches off the concrete and maintain an averagely consistent distance throughout the process. They may have a pattern to help them overlap every surface area that needs cleaning. They may also pass the washer on the entire driveway surface a couple of times to make sure they do not leave behind any untouched spot.

Drying the surface

Do not rush the cleaner through the process because they still need to verify the results of the wash. A professional driveway power washing in Lima OH will include verification of the surface’s complete dryness. Warm weather will result in faster drying while cold weather will result in longer time or partial dryness. You can use a long-handled roller to accelerate the drying to that you get your property back to the garage.


Driveway Power washing Lima OH
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